Drupal 8 Overview

While the rest of the world kicks the tires on Drupal 7, the mad scientists who work on Core are already breaking out the whiteboards and starting to plan for the next release.

It's a tradition: with the current release in the can, the pent-up energy for new stuff can be released.Surely Drupal 8 has the ability to increase Drupal community dramatically. Let's Explore a little more.


After Drupal 7's epic three-year development cycle, though, even the most aggressive devs are takinga moment to consider what areas deserve attention.

Some want to push forward with major architectural changes that didn't fit into the 7.0 cycle; others are lobbying for a "housekeeping" release that focuseson API cleanup and performance tweaks; and others want to take the User Experience improvementsfrom D7 to the next level.